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Cleaning out the dust

I know. I know. It has been quite a lot of time since my prior post. I’m pretty sure that a considerably large amount of dust already accumulated on The Hitech Post pages, but for everyone’s surprise, I’m back! So, let me update you all: *cough! cough!* I enrolled in a German course; I finally … Continue reading

The web goes on strike against SOPA. So do I

Hello folks! Many of you might already know that the internet is planning a strike against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) tomorrow, when several website will go down as a protest against this act that could actually define the beginning of a new era, an era of censorship all over the internet. If you also … Continue reading

2012 is here!

Hello everyone! It’s been a wonderful day today and nothing like finishing up with a blog post, right? 2012 is finally here and it’s going to be an exciting year for all of us! Actually, the last one, if the Mayans (and the gossipy part of the internet) were right. But, while the ultimate day doesn’t arrive, I’m … Continue reading

Posting from S60

Hey folks! I finally found a way to post from my Nokia E63! But before I put it to work, I have to test whether it’s working perfectly, right? Well, I found myself in the obligation to post frequently since a blog requires updates. So far, this program seems to be very good. I can … Continue reading

Updating my life status

Hello everyone, I know, as well as you, that it’s been a while since I published my last post. But what you may not know is that my life has gone crazy since I came back to school. REALLY. I finished having tests today and I have at least three projects to make. Remember the … Continue reading

Late in the night or early in the morning?

Hello everyone! I’m back! After blogging about many different things I decided to blog about myself and what is going on. It’s 2:05 AM right now and I started out asking a question: Is it late in the night or early in the morning? That depends on what you assume is night and morning. We … Continue reading

Just to let you know!

Hello everyone! It’s thursday night here and after talking a little about Literature, Math and Sports (thing I didn’t expect to talk about), I came here again to talk about my special weekend. Tomorrow I’m going to a camp with some friends from Let’s Start Talking, the program in which we study the Bible with … Continue reading

“The Hitech Post”

Hello everyone! This is my newest blog called: “The Hitech Post”. You can proudly spend your time here if you have the same interests as me, if you don’t, do that anyway because I’m sure you will like it! Here you will find stuff about: technology, classical texts (including poetry), physics, math and so on! … Continue reading


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