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Cleaning out the dust

I know. I know. It has been quite a lot of time since my prior post. I’m pretty sure that a considerably large amount of dust already accumulated on The Hitech Post pages, but for everyone’s surprise, I’m back! So, let me update you all: *cough! cough!*

  • I enrolled in a German course;
  • I finally bought the so-long-dreamed-of HP 50g Graphing Calculator;
  • I also bought a beautiful and huge American flag, which is currently hung in my bedroom’s wall;
  • I’ve been taking driving lessons with my Dad. I haven’t been doing good, though.

As some of you already know, I changed school this year and the new one I am attending is slightly different from the previous one. It kind of works like a college, which is somehow a new reality for me. Unfortunately, I’m not taking as much Literature as I wish this year, therefore let us just say that I’m not as eager to go to the linguistics classes as I was accustomed to last year.

Besides it, I’m taking some technical matters this year, such as Programming and Electricity. And that is definitely cool! This Friday I’m taking an Electricity test, and am really confident that I will do really well. In terms of science, I’m not taking Chemistry this year. My first test of Math took place a couple of weeks ago and I did really-superly-awesomely great! And Physics, ah, Physics deserves a separated post.

My life has changed a lot, indeed, but I agree that it doesn’t justify the fact that I simply stopped posting. I never thought that I actually used to posting enough, but now, I went beyond limits. Almost 5 months without a single new word written in this blog, what a shame!

OK. Enough complaining! Let me just keep hard-working and figuring out what to write about, and then we can maintain this rhythm. It’s already late in the night, and tomorrow I have to wake up kind of early, that means: BED! NOW!

So, I hope you guys didn’t give up on my blog. Keep reading, leave comments. Be happy! 🙂

Good night! *cough cough* Oh God, there’s still some dust ’round here.

– Mateus Rodrigues


About Mateus Rodrigues de Morais

A college student pursuing a degree on Computer Engineering and an avid developer. Currently working on some IoT projects with .NET and Microsoft Azure, but certainly open to discover new ways and platforms. I also enjoy listening and making music, as well as, of course, writing.


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