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Changing my computer for the time being

Hello, guys!

This is me writing from a whole different computer for a couple of reasons:

  • My laptop broke the day before yesterday;
  • My dad didn’t want to leave me offline;
  • So, he brought this computer home from his store;

First of all, let’s connect the facts. My laptop had been behaving a little bit weird lately, I don’t really know why (maybe possession or another supernatural thing), but the fact is that last Sunday, December 25th (Christmas day), my laptop’s life finally came to an end. That day, I had just came back from my uncle’s house, where the Christmas party was taking place, and turned my computer on. That was about 5 in the morning, but even so, while everyone else was sleeping, I was awake, playing Flight Simulator, which is, by the way, a really exciting game!

I was kind of excited, because I had just downloaded a new aircraft and was looking forward to starting playing with it! So, I played for about one hour. That’s the part of the story that I get sleepy and then I laid on my bed (and left my computer on). Suddenly, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I realized that the computer was on. So, I came closer to it and saw that something was terribly wrong: there was an error message shown on that DOS-like screen saying something about a nonexistent Operating System (one of the most scary messages ever). That’s the part that my heart starts pounding faster and faster

Then, I restarted that “computer” and everything seemed to be normal. Just seemed. During the initialization of the operating system, that means, when the HD starts being used the most, the screen suddenly freezes and the Hard Drive begins to make clicking sounds, as if the head was touching the platter. But that’s the point: this started happening without any reason! Nothing had happened to either the computer or the HD itself that could harm so hardly this thing! That’s actually the part the I think something supernatural begins to act.

To be honest, I wasn’t even that worried about the machine. I was about the data. I had so many old pictures stored there that I couldn’t even think of the fact of losing them. But, I found an old HD inside an old computer in my aunt’s house that saved the day. I found almost all of that pictures there (actually, the most important ones). So, I copied all of them into an USB memory key and am currently waiting for my new computer to arrive.

My dad told me that if the problem is only the HD, he will replace it and give the machine to my mom. That means: There will be a brand new laptop in my hands very soon. By the way, the computer is currently in the technical assistance for repairing (if there is any possibility of repairing it).

I’m just trying to get used to the idea that I lost all of my programs. But it just can’t be compared to the pictures, which I could restore. Anyway, that’s a very good chance to start over. I’m now using a provisional computer until my new laptop arrives, I’m just depending on my uncle that’s in Rio right now, we’re waiting for him to come back.

Take care everyone!

Mateus Rodrigues


About Mateus Rodrigues de Morais

A college student pursuing a degree on Computer Engineering and an avid developer. Currently working on some IoT projects with .NET and Microsoft Azure, but certainly open to discover new ways and platforms. I also enjoy listening and making music, as well as, of course, writing.


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