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Updating my life status

Hello everyone,

I know, as well as you, that it’s been a while since I published my last post. But what you may not know is that my life has gone crazy since I came back to school. REALLY. I finished having tests today and I have at least three projects to make. Remember the String Theory stuff? So, I’m still working on it. Yesterday I printed a book (I know I shouldn’t have done it :D) and will start this project as soon as possible.

Well, I’ve been having exams at school since last Friday (September 2nd) and ever since I don’t have a minute to rest and get calm. Until today! 😀
As you see, I couldn’t publish posts because of the time, or the lack of it. Since Friday, I had tests of Physics, Chemistry, Math and all of that stuff you study in school, and so, I had to study! Thank God I did well at all of ’em.

So, that’s it! I came here only in order to provide some information about the last happenings and also to say that I didn’t give up posting here! ;D

Take care!

Mateus Rodrigues


About Mateus Rodrigues de Morais

A college student pursuing a degree on Computer Engineering and an avid developer. Currently working on some IoT projects with .NET and Microsoft Azure, but certainly open to discover new ways and platforms. I also enjoy listening and making music, as well as, of course, writing.


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