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Why I love reading

Credits: Thangmar - 07.22.2005Reading is life. Since the beginning of times, the art of writing and reading has been useful to mankind. Everything we do, no matter what, we’ve been using these wonderful techniques the ancients created. The basis of Mathematics, History, Physics, Philosophy, among others, is nothing but words. The growth of knowledge during our history only could be done with the documentation of theories through writing. Reading is life.

Recently, I made a project about the heliocentric theory in which I had to explain it and show arguments that prove it right. While studying the subject, I took a look at its history and realized that it just couldn’t be developed without writing. Copernicus wrote his book which Kepler took, studied and created his laws which Galileo Galilee took, studied, and proved right using the newly discovered telescope.

But writing goes beyond. Literature with all that classics (Shakespeare, Dante, Homer, etc.) created several years ago are the real proof that writing can be used with various purposes, even entertainment.

When I feel like relaxing, I always like to read a good classic. Currently I’m reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen which is a wonderful story. Poetry is a clear example that people can actually play with the words and create amazing results, what we know as poems. The Divine Comedy and Odyssey are only few examples that whole stories can be written using this technique, and the result is still wonderful.

When we read a poem I always imagine this scenario (which I learned in a literature class I took): A poem is like a desert island surrounded by a brave sea. When you start reading the words, you have to understand them and feel them entering your mind and reaching a sense. But it’s not that easy. You have to swim in order to get to the island, you struggle against huge waves and strong flows. But in the end, you get there.

Nevertheless, it demands all of your sensibility. They are not written in plain English (like this post), while working on the text, the author takes a special care with the words, they use connotations and denotations all the time, and it’s your job to figure them out. Indeed. Poetry is beautiful enough to be considered an art.

That’s why I love reading. It’s magical. It takes you anywhere, you can feel what you’re reading while you do so. You become a witness of the events, you go backward and forward in time and even so, nothing happens to you, minutes or hours later you’re back home.

Besides it, reading helps you improving your vocabulary. You can speak a more accurate and fluent English because your knowledge about the language will grow while you have fun, laugh, are afraid, happy, suspicious or anything else reading causes.

What are you waiting for? Read a book!

Take care,

Mateus Rodrigues

Author of the image: Thangmar – 07/22/2005 – Link

About Mateus Rodrigues de Morais

A college student pursuing a degree on Computer Engineering and an avid developer. Currently working on some IoT projects with .NET and Microsoft Azure, but certainly open to discover new ways and platforms. I also enjoy listening and making music, as well as, of course, writing.


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